We started our operations on February 15, 2008, being a company that regularly capitalize the know-how and customers, conquering the market. Through the attributed recognition Projectbus represent well-known brands in the market such as TRUCK-LITE, and commercialize reputed brands such as Jokon, Sesaly, Sirocco, Pedro Sanz, etc...

We have developed relations with foreign markets through the acquisition of components at Spanish, German, Italian and American companies, among others.

The company is developing relationships with intra- and extra-EU countries in order to foster the internationalization of its business. This interaction will be sustained by the adequacy of new investments and with innovative and technological support. One of our objective is to create an entrepreneurial dynamic with recognized added value for the market in which we are inserted, thus enhancing the future certification of it in relation to current ISO standards. We defend a differentiated concept based on the development of services that are not yet implemented in the surrounding markets. The company will always seek to adapt to the existing and emerging needs with dynamic and functional solutions with a good relation price / quality.

PROJECTBUS has the technical and management capacity for the execution of projects and for the promotion of the activity because, besides being made up of professionals with a good curriculum in the technical field, it has a very extensive know-how regarding business contacts with national and international companies. It is undoubtedly clear that having such contacts and being knowledgeable about the technical matter enables it to enter the markets easily, favoring a fairly good progress in the execution of the project and the activity. In this way, PROJECTBUS whose main activity is the execution of projects for Bodywork and transformation, sale of material, repair and restoration of vehicles, is hereby presenting its services certain that it can be an efficient option to respond to the different needs of your company.

We are also dedicated to the elaboration of projects, of motor vehicles, for delivery and approval by IMTT (Portuguese authority for mobility and transports). We are also available to find suitable solutions and guarantee the technical support to the manufacturing of heavy or light vehicles and changes of the existing ones.

The total satisfaction of those who are looking for our services is our main goal. As such, we strive to meet your needs while being aware of current legislation and the latest existing technologies.